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Table 4 Matrix of factors reported by papers to attract care seekers to different provider types: Staff and service characteristics

From: Improving access to health care for malaria in Africa: a review of literature on what attracts patients

Provider type Community health workers (n = 3) Drug shop/pharmacy (n = 7) Traditional healer (n = 2) Private health centre/facility (n = 7) Public health centre/facility (n = 8) Hospital (n = 7) Provider type not specified (n = 3)
Attracting factor        
Positive manner of staff (n = 10) 'Show care to patients' Uganda[12] Ethiopia[13] 'Show care to patients' Uganda[18] 'Show care to patients' Tanzania [34], Uganda[32] 'Show care to patients' Uganda[70], 'Polite' Nigeria [62] 'Friendly attitude' Zambia[93] 'Build relationships with patients' Kenya [49]
  'Good communication' Ethiopia[13] 'Good communication' Uganda[18]   'Friendly attitude' Nigeria [28]   'Staff are dedicated' Zambia[93]  
Qualification and experience of provider (n = 6)      'For trained staff' Nigeria [66] Uganda [16] 'For skilled staff' Tanzania [47] 'For trained staff' Nigeria[20] Zambia[60]
      'For experienced staff' Tanzania[34], Uganda [16]   'Availability of a Doctor' Nigeria[20]
Specialist services offered by provider (n = 17) 'For Advice' Ghana[72] 'For Advice' Ghana[72], Uganda[32] 'Conduct home visits and provide follow-up care' Uganda[32] 'For advice' Tanzania[96] 'For First Aid' Ethiopia[95], 'For Advice' Kenya[100]  
   'For first Aid' Uganda [16], Ghana [94], Ethiopia[95], Malawi[24]   'For Advice and further examination' Tanzania [97] 'For injections' Tanzania [34] 'For testing /diagnosis' Tanzania[98]Nigeria[26]  
     'For first Aid' Uganda [16], Ethiopia[95] 'For blood transfusion' Tanzania[23] 'For thorough examination' Zambia[93]  
     'For testing' Tanzania[98] 'For admission' Tanzania [31] 'For admission Tanzania [47, 31]  
      'For specialized care' Uganda[99] 'For surgery' Tanzania [47]  
       'For blood transfusion' Tanzania[23]  
  1. Note: Papers providing a rich description of attracting factors are marked in bold; findings from methods involving open-ended questions are underlined.