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Figure 4

From: The sterilizing effect of pyriproxyfen on the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae: physiological impact on ovaries development

Figure 4

Impact of PPF on Anopheles gambiae female fecundity and fertility after a first full gonotrophic cycle has been completed. Mean number of eggs laid (A) and larvae (B) per female in the control vs PPF-exposed groups. The so called PPF group was first exposed to untreated net like the control group, then blood fed and underwent a first normal cycle of oviposition. Females of this PPF group were subsequently exposed to treated nets and blood fed a second time to assess whether PPF could still impact egg laying and hatching when a female has gone through at least one normal gonotrophic cycle. Proportion of eggs hatched in the PPF group compared to the control group (C).

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