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Fig. 1

From: Yeast lysates carrying the nucleoprotein from measles virus vaccine as a novel subunit vaccine platform to deliver Plasmodium circumsporozoite antigen

Fig. 1

Humoral anti-PbCS responses in immunized mice. Kinetics of anti-PbCS IgG responses elicited in mice after immunization with 30YU of N-PbCS (a) or PbCS (b) non-adjuvanted yeast lysate. OD450 nm are expressed in log10 scale. Black arrows indicate injection schedule. Mouse sera were analysed at 1/103 dilution. c Isotyping of humoral anti-PbCS IgG responses at day 42 in mice immunized with 30 YU of N-PbCS (black circles) or PbCS (white circles) yeast lysates. Bars correspond to median values per group. Asterisks indicate significant median differences (two symbols for p < 0.005, Mann–Whitney nonparametric test)

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