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Table 2 Experience of MCBR use of 163 surveyed ICMVs

From: A mobile phone application for malaria case-based reporting to advance malaria surveillance in Myanmar: a mixed methods evaluation

  N (%)a
Benefits of using MCBR
 Can communicate with supervisors easily 150 (91.7)
 Can report at any time because it can be done with my mobile 145 (88.7)
 Timely reporting 144 (88.2)
 Does not require other tools as it only needs a mobile 116 (71.2)
 Otherb 22 (13.6)
Difficulties of using MCBR
 Poor internet connection 69 (42.0)
 No electricity to use MCBR 47 (28.7)
 Poor performance of mobile phone 40 (24.7)
 Burmese font typing 29 (17.7)
 Inaccessibility to internet 28 (16.9)
 Not familiar to use mobile device 24 (14.5)
 Records were not synced instantly 23 (14.3)
 Small screen of mobile phone 20 (12.6)
 Need to charge mobile frequently 19 (11.4)
 Having issues with phone credit to enable consistent use of MCBR 17 (10.3)
 Otherc 24 (14.9)
  1. aDenominators vary for each question due to the application of inverse proportional sampling weights
  2. bIncludes better knowledge sharing, saves time, easy data entry, better servicing, saves money, better communication, better stock management
  3. cIncludes not having enough time to do ICMV work, error in MCBR application, and error in stock management module of MCBR application