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Fig. 2

From: Stabilization of RDT target antigens present in dried Plasmodium falciparum-infected samples for validating malaria rapid diagnostic tests at the point of care

Fig. 2

Mean percentage increase in stability of PAN antigens in stabilized samples (chemical additive added) compared to the control samples (no chemical additive added). Error bars: indicate mean and standard error of the mean. a The percentage increase in stability of pLDH and aldolase in stabilized samples at 2000 p/µL, while b indicates stabilized samples at 500 p/µL. Suc sucrose, Gly/Suc glycerol combined with sucrose, Als/Suc Alsever’s solution combined with sucrose, Treh trehalose, Suc/Treh sucrose combined with trehalose, Gly/Treh glycerol combined with trehalose, Treh/Bio trehalose combined with biostab enzyme stabilizer, Bio/Suc biostab enzyme stabilizer combined with sucrose, LDH stab lactose dehydrogenase stabilizer, LDH stab/Treh lactose dehydrogenase stabilizer combined with trehalose

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